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Westlund Co is a consolidated place where I can be your resource and advocate. Learn more about me, Lorin Westlund, my companies, my passions, and what drives me as a mom, businesswoman, and human.

Lorin Westlund

is the Director of Partner Acquisitions for a National Enrollment Firm. She specializes in helping business owners and government agencies implement a consolidated strategy for Human Resources Technology, Communication, and Education of Employee Benefits through Virtual Enrollment. Health Insurance Brokers and Government entities rely on Lorin and her team to engage and enroll employees, maintain compliance in Benefits Administration and help employees better understand and appreciate their benefits.

As a licensed Insurance agent for over 15 years, Lorin partners with an amazing team that also teaches Financial Literacy, assisting Individuals in getting on the right path to build and protect their personal and professional wealth. Their Mastery Classes include teaching young adults & teens about financial independence, financial responsibility and how to have a healthy relationship with money.

Outside of the professional world, Lorin is a fiercely devoted mom and wife. With a son that suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury at 19, she and her husband are advocates and role models for parents that need to know where to start to just get through day-to-day life when life does not look like it used to. Lorin loves to take Boot Camp classes with her husband and spend as much time with her family near the ocean as possible. Her motto is to never wait for the rain to pass, you must learn to dance in the rain! Live a life of gratitude and find fulfillment in the little things!

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"Happiness cannot be

traveled to. owned. earned. worn. consumed.

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

~ Denis Waitley