Chelsea Ware

EVP of Distribution & Sales | Building Blocks for Business

“I have been working with Lorin for more than 10 years now and to say it has been a pleasure is an understatement. Lorin has continuously proved herself to be a dedicated, driven, and passionate individual. I am constantly in awe of her ability to juggle multiple projects while providing outstanding service to her clients, not to mention her response rate of .2 seconds! She is an inspiration to me and the rest of our team as she always goes the extra mile for both us and her clients. I highly recommend Lorin to anyone looking for assistance with their benefit and enrollment management, her diligence is unmatched.”

Shane Dieter

“Lorin Westlund is one of the most effective and efficient task managers and problem solvers I know. Before you can even complete your sentence, Lorin is calculating resources and sourcing solutions to whatever challenge or idea you are presenting. Her connections are extensive and trusted. If you want it done, and done precisely the first time, Lorin is your go-to. I cannot say enough about her integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness. She is concise, decisive, and laser-focused.”

Heather Schoenwald

Territory Recruiter | Colonial Life

“Lorin is one of the most driven, dedicated sales managers I have ever met. Her attention to detail as well as her genuine willingness to go above and beyond for everyone has made Lorin a true role model to me. Her ability in building long-term relationships and goodwill with clients has translated to a strong following both professionally and personally.”